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iStill Column packing - 10 x 10mm

€ 937,50
Stock 10 pcs.

10x10 mm iStill Column Packing is suited for 3, 4, 5, and 6 inch diameter columns. Comes in a 21 kilo box that contains 25 bags of 500 springs, bringing the total number of springs to 12.500. This is enough for 12 liters, and will fill one meter of 5 inch diameter column 

This amazing column packing has an HETP of 2.5 centimeters and 90% open space. The packing is made from the highest grade 316 stainless steel, does not need maintenance, and has a longevity of 20 years when properly used.

The iStill Column Packing can be used in potstills and in packed columns. In potstills it compresses the heads faction, while stabilizing the overall run. In packed columns it allows the craft distiller to produce vodka or GNS.

StillControl is the only licensed reseller of iStill's amazing column packing; the best column packing in the world!

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